How it works

Trough Miljöbron it is possible for you as a student to do real projects that are by companies and other organizations. You can read more about how you do a short Mission or a Thesis (Master or Bachelor) trough MIljöbron bellow.


Short mission

Short mission is just as it sounds a short project that is done on a non-profit basis and during your time of study. It is an effective and nice way to meet a company and do a concrete project with an actual problem. The Missions are almost always done by a group consisting of two students – it makes it more fun and improves the results.


Where can I find missions that are vacant?

Vacant mission can be found at Miljöbron´s website under uppdrag or examensarbete. In the right column you can also see if the project is avaliable in english. If you are interested in a vacant mission call or e-mail the contact person that is responsible for that particular project, contact information can be found at the bottom of the project description. Since the projects are done in pair it is a good idea to find a friend that also is interested in the project and makes the application together.  If you don´t have anyone that you would like to do the project with make the application anyway, Miljöbron will then find someone else how is interested in the mission and match you up with him or her.


How much time does it takes to do a mission?

It is expected that you spend 10-20 hours on the mission but these hours are spread during a months time.


What knowledge do I have to have before doing a mission?

What kind of knowledge that is needed varies from one mission to another. You can find what kind of knowledge or entry requirements that are needed In the description of every mission. A lot of missions are possible to do from your first day as a student. It´s never too early to gain experience and to make contacts in work life.


How many applies for each mission?

How many students who apply for each Mission varies from one Mission to another. It´s always a good idea to apply quickly for a mission that you find interesting, since we go by the rule “first come first served”, which means that the students who applies first and has the right background get to do the mission”.


What happens after the application

When you have been chosen to do a mission you´ll be called to a first meeting at Miljöbron. At this meeting you´ll meet one of our district coordinators who´ll tell you more about the mission and about the company that requests the Mission.


After the meeting with us it´s your responsibility to make contact with the company and book a meeting with them. Depending on what it is that you´ll be helping them with there will be at least two visits for you at the company, one at the start-up meeting and one when you shall present your results.


After the start-up meeting you´ll have around a month’s time to fulfill the mission. You shall present your results both in a short written report as well as an oral presentation at the company.


What happens when I have presented the results?

Everyone who does a project thorough MIljöbron gets a certificate that can be part of your CV and something to mention when applying for a job. To get the certificate you´ll have to fill in MIljöbron´s evaluation so we get information about what was good and what could have been better.


What are Miljöbron´s role during the mission?

Miljöbron cares about that both you and the company should be pleased with the mission. You are always welcome to contact us during your Mission if you have any questions or if there are any problems, we´ll help you sort it out